The Construction of a 20 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant

Development Partner: France
Start Date: 16/07/2015
Closing Date: 31/07/2018
Total Financing: EUR 40.00 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 43.96 million
Government's Sector: Electricity and Energy
Implementing Entity: New and Renewable Energy Authority
Governorate: Aswan

Development Program Objectives:

Support the Egyptian authorities in achieving the ambitious target of 20% renewable energy in the energy mix in 2022 by financing the construction project of the first solar power plant connected to the national grid. With an output of 20 MW, the plant will be built in Kom Ombo in Aswan Governorate, in Upper Egypt

Development Impact:

The power plant will inject 40 gigawatt hours annually on the electricity grid nearly and reduce the carbon impact of electricity generation by 15,000 tons carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

    US$ 1,498.38 million

    Total amount of the current ODA provided by France to Egypt

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