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Project Name Start Date
Development Partner
Third Fiscal Consolidation, Sustainable Energy & Competitiveness DPF 08/12/2017 World Bank

US$ 1,150.00 million

Second Fiscal Consolidation, Sustainable Energy, and Competitiveness Programmatic Development Policy Financing Project 22/12/2016 World Bank

US$ 1,000.00 million

Cairo Metro Line 3 (PHASE 3) 23/09/2012 European Investment Bank

US$ 778.77 million

Damanhour Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project (EIB) 06/12/2015 European Investment Bank

US$ 600.00 million

Helwan South Power Project 30/04/2014 World Bank

US$ 585.40 million

Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program for Results 30/12/2015 World Bank

US$ 550.00 million

Inclusive Housing Finance Program 10/06/2015 World Bank

US$ 500.00 million

Household Natural Gas Connection Project 11/02/2015 World Bank

US$ 500.00 million

Upper Egypt Local Development Program 06/10/2016 World Bank

US$ 500.00 million

Egypt Economic Governance and Energy Support Program Phase II 19/12/2016 African Development Bank

US$ 500.00 million

Improving Elementary Education Agreement No. (286 – 263) 30/09/2002 The United States of America

US$ 496.80 million

The Grand Egyptian Museum Construction Project (Phase 2) 24/10/2016 Japan

US$ 475.96 million

Construction of the Gulf of El Zayt Wind Farm 14/06/2010 Japan

US$ 466.62 million

Egyptian Utilities Administration Agreement No. (270 – 263) 29/09/1997 The United States of America

US$ 439.79 million

Electricity Sector Rehabilitation and Improvement Project 24/10/2016 Japan

US$ 404.39 million

Strengthening Social Safety Net Project 06/09/2015 World Bank

US$ 400.00 million

Third Line of Greater Cairo Underground Metro- Phase III (Ataba- Kit Kat- Imbaba) 23/09/2012 France

US$ 389.48 million

Egyptian Power Transmission 26/07/2010 European Investment Bank

US$ 335.75 million

Railways Restructuring Additional Financing 28/03/2012 World Bank

US$ 330.00 million

ENR - Locomotive Renewal Programme 19/06/2017 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

US$ 324.76 million